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DECEMBER 7, 2020

By Shrikant Pangarkari
Aftermarket Manager

Atlas Copco Gas and Process Division
Atlas Copco Energas GmbH
Visitor Address: Schlehenweg 15
50999 Cologne

Most of all – it is what we think we want ….

A German will never accept the smallest dot of rust on anything. A French would never drink a wine unless it is matured and a Belgian would never start a project without a perfect process. An Italian will never overcook pasta. None of them would ever violate garbage disposal rules. A Chinese will never ever accept malfunctioning of what he buys or else he makes bad quality a national issue. This is discipline – which brings quality. Not to accept what must not be.
Working in various parts of the world helped me understand and compare with the homeland pragmatically. Let me come back to the direct solution here. Unless we accept that we have a lot to improve we will not be able make progress. Progress to me is Quality of life in the west ! Where most people prefer public transport to own cars and where one never dies due to lack of medical care. Rest is in between.
Quality is the key word here. Are we out of our mind set of “chalta hai? “ Do we insist real quality? Do we produce real quality ? Do we even think Quality?
Quality is not what we see – it is what we demand without compromising. It is about how we treat our customers. It is about how we react in odd situations. It is about how we produce” first time right”
Seldom I express my opinions on matters in country with millions of intellectuals ready to strip off your views. This is exactly the issue we need to get a formal training for . We judge our own grades and most often we are A++.
This is what our mindset has been and no offence but we have been born and brought up with that ego for decades. Especially after we received our freedom we flourished with our own principles of superiority. All of a sudden our culture , our heritage and our Ayurveda and Yoga became visible.
Is this exactly the problem why we as Indians are not able to move up. We are able to portrait our heritage and culture on the world map so well that we forget the long way to go and unless we change our mindset rest will be history soon.
So long as we in India will not consider Quality as our top priority we will not be able to move up. We need a BMW equivalent Indian Stamp !
It can start with a very simple slogan “ Chalta hai “→” yaha nahi chalta “….do not compromise in what we accept – products , services , infrastructure , process, politicians ……and we will see the difference. It is about totally changing our mind set and nothing else ! Quality is free of cost – Changing the mindset is the key

Shrikant Pangarkar

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