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3000 Column mounted Z Axis and Verifier Machine

3000 C60-60ZAV | 3000 C100-100ZAV | 3000 C150-150ZAV | 3000 C300-150ZAV

Fully programmable electromagnetic dot peen marking machine, with integrated DataMatrix Verification system.

VeriSmart™ Verifier and Mark2Verify™ software

Technical Specification


The Marktronic 3000 ‘C’ (Column mounted) series machines have been designed to offer the flexibility and benefits of dot marking technology in a robust, simple to use package. The ‘V’ (VeriSmart integrated Verification camera) option allows the machine to mark DataMatrix codes onto parts and instantly verify the quality and data formatting within the code without having to move the part. Verifying ‘in-process’ saves time, eliminates mark quality escapes and ensures the marking system is always producing acceptable quality DataMatrix codes eliminating the risk of reject batches.

The build quality and mark precision are second to none. The machines rigid construction and high quality ball screw mechanism ensures it can deal with the most demanding DataMatrix applications as well as the most challenging high speed continuous production applications.

The 3000 C150-150ZAV and C300-150ZAV consist of three building blocks, marking head/camera, base & column and the controller/PC.

The Marking Head is a large 300 x 150 mm or 150 x 150mm size with VeriSmart camera mounted next to the marking stylus. For components requiring a deeper mark there are 9 levels of force to choose from. The marking styli are available in a range of lengths to suit different applications.

The Base and Column features a powered digital Z axis with autosense system. The machine self adjusts its distance to the surface to be marked in a fully automatic sequence optimizing the consistency of marking depth. After marking, the machine moves back allowing a better clearance for the operator. ZA models are highly recommended for Data Matrix marking.

The 3000 Controller / PC is a separate unit to ensure it is protected from the mechanical shock loading of the marking operation. The controller receives commands from the PC software during a marking cycle. Once complete the programmed co-ordinates for the camera are sent to the controller which then positions the camera above the DataMatrix code(s), the VeriSmart camera then controls the lighting and verifies the mark, all part programming is done on the PC.

The machine comes with a comprehensive parts and labour warranty, with additional optional maintenance contracts tailored to individual customer requirements.

Other machines in this range feature a variety of marking areas to ensure the marking head suits exactly the requirements of the application.
If larger marking areas are required for your application then consider the 3000 GantryMark™ range of machines.

Wide Range of Options

Standard hardware options include :

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