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3000 Column mounted machine

A bench mounted, fully programmable dot marking machine in a low cost simple to use package. No PC required

Technical Specification


The Marktronic MarkMate has been designed to offer the flexibility and benefits of dot marking technology in a low cost, simple to use package.
The build quality and mark precision are second to none for this type of machine.
The MarkMate consists of three basic building blocks, marking head, base & column and the controller.
The Marking Head is available in a large 100 x 75mm size, being driven by an accurate lead-screw arrangement. For components requiring a deeper mark there are 9 levels of force to choose from. The marking styli are available in a range of lengths to suit different applications.
The Base and Column facilitate the manual z-axis adjustment to allow for components of differing heights.
The Controller is a separate unit to ensure it is protected from the mechanical shock loading of the marking operation. The easy to use software allows for 5 font types and up to 600 layouts to be stored. Available in a variety of languages (including English, French, German, Spanish, Swedish, Finnish, Italian, Cyrillic and Czech), the software also contains features such as serial numbers, date and time marking and password protection.
The machine comes with a comprehensive 12 months parts and labour warranty, with additional optional maintenance contracts tailored to individual customer requirements.

Wide Range of Options

Standard hardware options include :

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