Laser Marking

Pulsed Fibre Laser Marking Systems:
Pulsed fibre laser can permanently mark a wide range of materials such as carbide, titanium, stainless steel, aluminium, plastics, (…). Pryor offers the most advanced pulsed fibre laser marking product line available:

Highest specs :

  • Average power up to 50 W<
  • Pulse rate up to 1000 KHz
  • Peak power up to 15,000 W
  • Selectable pulse duration available

Reliable :

  • Diode life exceeds 50,000 hours
  • Pryor pulsed fiber lasers are backed by 2 years warranties

Cost effective :

  • High energy efficiency
  • Fit and forget, maintenance free, no consumable costs
  • Diode life exceeds 50,000 hours

Small footprint and easy to install :

  • Compact marking head
  • Small air cooled electronic controller
  • Remote access possible thanks to fibre design

YF10 & YF20

  • Powerful permanent metal and plastic marking
  • Capable of indent marks
  • Suitable to most traceability applications
  • Cost effective

YF20 Pro

  • Wider parameter tuning
  • Allows wider range of applications
  • Higher max. peak power 15 Kw
  • Wide pulse rate range up to 1000 KHz
  • Selectable pulse durations 4 to 200 ns


  • 50W: Highest power available with pulsed fibre laser marking

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