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Embossing & Debossing Dies

Both flat and rotary embossing/debossing dies can be provided for the marking of materials such as steel, brass, aluminium, plastic, paper and card. An essential part of any such die is the material has the ability to flow throughout the die evenly, without causing the material to shear or tear. SmartMark ® expertise means the ability to provide semi shear dies, that provide sharper and more defined edges to the material being marked, dispersing the material thinly without tearing.
Embossing dies provide a raised readable mark, whilst debossing dies mean a sunken relief can be achieved.

Dies can be made to suit many different applications

Embossing/debossing dies fitted to a press provide a raised or sunken relief on pieces of either flat or contoured sheet material (i.e. nameplates, decorative plaques, blister packaging, paper and cardboard).
Rotary dies are precision dies used to produce a raised or sunken relief around thin walled circular components (i.e. components such as caps, canisters and tubes) Information required to specify your requirement.


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