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Dot Peen Marking Machine Manufacturers in Rajkot

Dot marking technology also called dot peen marking, stylus pin system or micro-percussion marking consists in indenting series of dots into materials to form human readable alphanumeric identification, logos and 2D Data Matrix codes.
Our systems (Dot Peen Marking) are well known in the aerospace industry for extremely high quality of marks but also appreciated by many other industrial customers for their robustness and reliability.

Dot Peen Marking uses a stylus that rapidly actuates to indent a series of dots on to the surface of a material.

We can achieve various marking depth on flat or uneven surfaces.

Portable Dot Peen Marking

Portable dot marking machines are preferred when parts to be marked can not be moved easily because of large dimensions or weight.

Bench Mounted

Bench-top or column mounted stylus pin marking machines are ideal to identify a wide variety of small to medium size components.


With a modular design these dot peen marking machines are aimed to be integrated on production lines or installed in turnkey design to order stations.
SmartMark – range provides advanced marking solutions for a wide range of components & materials for dot peen marking machine.

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