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Customer – Medical Equipment manufacturing company



NOVEMBER 2, 2020

Unique experience

It was like any other regular enquiry got through our website over phone. No privileges or special references of who is associated with the company. It first went through the purchase department and later Mr. Utpal Parrikar contacted us for technical discussions. He never told us his surname. It was us who in curiosity of knowing the client a bit well, searched about the company and came to know that it is directed by Mr. U M Parrikar son of late Mr. Manohar Parrikar. The technical discussion was held on the Saturday evening on conference call. It was to the point, concise and decisive. Upon getting all his queries satisfied and establishing confidence in our ability to carry out the project accurately and in time, on the same call he gave us verbal go ahead for the project. The formal order confirmation came in 2 days on Monday. And still we just know him formally as Mr.Utpal Very humble, technically sound and polite personality reflecting all the noble qualities of his lineage.
We know Manohar Parrikarji for his simplicity & down to earth nature even when he was a Chief Minister of Goa & Defense Minister at the Centre. I have personally experienced this simplicity, after interacting with his son for a specialised marking related enquiry and feel great for having done the best.

Bharat Kokatnur
V.P. – Technical

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