Example is Leadership

Home Example is Leadership Example is Leadership Saurabh ShivnekarSMARTMARKFEBRUARY 4, 2022 It’s not a regular sight that we come across any marvelous achievements amongst the people we know.But when we do, it becomes our prime responsibility to share them with the world and highlight the unique values we learn from those people and their feats.Something… Continue reading Example is Leadership

Trans Sahyadri Expedition 2021

Home Trans Sahyadri Expedition 2021 Trans Sahyadri Expedition 2021 Dhiren GupteSMARTMARKJANUARY 15, 2022Something different, Something challenging, Something courageous…..!Why, What, When and How – A dream becomes a goal when a primary action is taken toward its achievement. So true…. the journey of ‘Dream to Reality’; right from the initiation of that very first action &… Continue reading Trans Sahyadri Expedition 2021

Tooling Industry

Home Tooling Industry Tooling Industry PRAMOD BHANDARISMARTMARKDECEMBER 11, 2020 By Pramod Bhandari Tata Motors Ltd, Pune The article covers the mass production toolings & not the typical cutting tools.There are basically 5 types of tools – Stamping dies, Welding fixtures, Foundry tools, Jigs & fixtures Moulds, All the products those we use, needs some or… Continue reading Tooling Industry

Hurdles to reach the top

Home Hurdles to reach the top Hurdles to reach the top ! SHRIKANT PANGARKAR SMARTMARKDECEMBER 7, 2020 By Shrikant Pangarkar Aftermarket Manager Atlas Copco Gas and Process Division Atlas Copco Energas GmbH Visitor Address: Schlehenweg 15 50999 Cologne Most of all – it is what we think we want …. A German will never accept… Continue reading Hurdles to reach the top


Home Think : WIN – WIN Think : WIN – WIN SANDIP DEVKARSMARTMARKNOVEMBER 2, 2020By Sandip Devkar General Manager – HR (Training & Development) Fleetguard Filters Pvt Ltd, PuneThe real challenge for the Management is alignment of thinking pattern to ensure achievement of short term and long term goals of the Organization. It is generally… Continue reading Think WIN WIN

Customer – Medical Equipment manufacturing company

Home Customer – Medical Equipment manufacturing company Customer – Medical Equipment manufacturing company BHARAT KOKATNUR (MEDICAL EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURING COMPANY)SMARTMARKSEPTEMBER 24, 2020Unique experienceIt was like any other regular enquiry got through our website over phone. No privileges or special references of who is associated with the company. It first went through the purchase department and later… Continue reading Customer – Medical Equipment manufacturing company

Home Disruption is inevitable

Disruption is inevitable

MAY 10, 2020
Pain due to Disruption is inevitable but suffering is optional and therefore Innovation is imperative
Productivity will matter and any kind of historical inefficiencies cannot be carried from now on, in the cost structure of any business model specially in the event where the Top Line is extremely uncertain due to disruptions.
Emergence of new business models would be a dire necessity for majority of industry segments. Be it Retail- shopping malls, Film Industry – cinema theatres, hotels, restaurants & resorts, travel & tourism, sports etc, and many more of such kind.
Identifying ‘ what NOT to DO ‘ will matter the most in challenging times. Redesigning the coping mechanisms coupled with innovation & adaptive mindset and high degree of agility, at all levels will be the key & solution for today’s challenges.
Innovation is the change of form in the mindset. Real task lies in upgrading the mindset of the workforce from “किती काम करतो” to “काय काम करतो” and further extended to “कुठून काम करतो “. “किती” Or “कुठून” needs to be replaced by “काय”…! In other words, a paradigm shift from “time bound input” to “focussed output” will matter the most, at the end of the day.
Disruptions occur with abundant Opportunities that need to be sensed & recognized with the forthcoming ‘New Normals’..!
Dhiren Gupte (Pune) 10th May, 2020
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