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Marks was founded in 1998 with a crystal clear vision of providing specialized solutions to all kinds of Marking requirements for the diverse industry segment such as Automotive, Auto Ancillary, General Engineering, Defence, Aerospace, Food & Pharmaceutical industries. Since inception the major thrust has been on three factors – Customers, HR & Technology. We are committed to deliver our best and to be of service to you as we march ahead in the years to follow.

Marks and its “SmartMark ®” range of Products and solutions stand out due to rich experience of over 100 years and enormous knowledge in the Metal Marking arena. Marks with Pryor advantage have had a strong foothold in the domestic market and its Joint Venture (Marks Pryor) for 15 years have exported standard commodity products to the North American, European and the developed markets through Pryor Marking Technology, UK.

Currently there are over 15000 Marking Systems in total in the global market that we have produced and supplied which have been successfully producing impressions 24×7 for the variety of respective specialized Marking applications.

We make use of the latest state of art technology for manufacturing a variety of marking Tools like Steel Types, Punches, Automatic Numbering Heads, Engraved Packaging Types and Logotype Marking Dies.
These are manufactured from quality tool steel and are hardened and tempered to withstand wear and give a long life. They are ideal for long production runs with minimum machine down-time.
A “State-of-the art” range of advanced CNC controlled dot-marking machines, all featuring advanced user-friendly operating software, industrial design standards, robust construction & value for money, the “SmartMark ®” range provides advanced marking solutions for a wide range of components & materials.
We have Extensive Marketing & Customer Support Network in India to cater to customer needs all over the country for effective and timely Customer Service.

Top Products

Markmate Pneumatic



Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Markmate 100X75

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