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Example is Leadership

Saurabh Shivnekar
FEBRUARY 4, 2022
It’s not a regular sight that we come across any marvelous achievements amongst the people we know.
But when we do, it becomes our prime responsibility to share them with the world and highlight the unique values we learn from those people and their feats.
Something similar and extraordinary happened in our organization.
Our CMD booked his seat in the prestigious row of record holding dignitaries honored by the ‘India Book of Records’.
When he mentioned for the first time that he planned to go on an ambitious hike involving non-stop walking for 23 days to cover 650 kms, it seemed impossible; Judging by the vastness of the expedition and by his audacious decision at the age of 56. But he did it. Beating all odds, He achieved the unimaginable.
It is rightly said that a true leader is the one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.
Our CMD sir knew what he was upto, he achieved what he had planned and he set an excellent example for us to dream big and persevere to achieve those dreams.
We value the example he has set before us to dare the standard norms and achieve path breaking results even when no one is ready to believe you.
We are proud of you sir, and we wish you all the best for future endeavors..
Mr. Saurabh Shivnekar
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